Sponsored Artists

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One of our directives with the Bread & Stone digital plate series is to use subscription proceeds to support artists and thinkers starting out, or continuing on, with their wild fantastic pursuits.

While there are any number of routes to acquiring funding, such as community grants, Kickstarter campaigns, personal patronage, etc., we have found that most options are either difficult, time intensive or require the artist to produce a specific outcome in order to get the support/funding.

By enlisting their communities of colleagues, friends and family to purchase Bread & Stone subscriptions in the name of the artist and thinker who is requesting sponsorship, we support the process of innovators and see our contribution as a broad stipend that undergirds their general creativity (rather than requiring any particular productions). In this way, fledgling creators are allowed the freedom and flexibility they need to develop, while being able to offer the Bread & Stone letters as a value to their friends, family and sponsors.

People have said we are following a "Girl Scout" model of funding where Bread & Stone subscriptions are the "cookies"... It sounds funny but since it works, it is as good a plan as any to us! We are thrilled to partner with and get to know new members of artistic and thoughtful communities and provide a small valuable service/product they can offer others in support of their important pursuits. Please subscribe today to support an artist of your choice. Thank You!

Also, you can refer artists, innovators and thinkers for sponsorship HERE. Perhaps it is someone who has special creative talents that is just getting their feet wet and needs direction and support or someone who is already in full swing and could use greater financial backing or perhaps someone who might not consider themselves a creative person, but you know would start moving in that direction if given the chance. Please consider the many people from your extended network, including yourself, who could benefit greatly or you think would want to participate.

We also make substantial contributions to nature preservation and education groups from all subscription work done on our behalf. We are committed to enriching our world.

*Kickstarter (TM) and Girl Scouts (TM) are registered trademarks not associated or affiliated with Bread & Stone in any way, and are only mentioned for illustrative purposes.