Bread & Stone Plates are a special kind of "Idea Art" that highlight the foundations of intrinsic motivation, nourishing our creativity and mental outlook.


We all need more energy and knowledge about who we are in the world. The simple structure of Bread & Stone supports us to have regular interaction with these elements in a way that is meant to create movement in all of our lives.





Bread & Stone is our framework to offer 'beautifully crafted ideas' that not only focus on classics, but also on everyday ideas that are useful, moving and fun.


Dedicated to a business model in line with the emerging Conscious Capitalism movement, we use subscription proceeds to provide fledgling creators with a source of funding & community support and partner strongly with groups engaged in natural preservation.


"Thank you! I look for these plates in my inbox each morning. Bread & Stone is just right for me: beautiful, simple and affecting. I'm also happy to know I'm contributing to emerging artists & natural stewardship. We've given Bread & Stone to many friends!"


What if the great ideas were sculpted into simple statements for modern times?

Our Plates are created specifically to speak to those with busy lifestyles who crave deeper things, and to young artists looking to discover their own voices in the world.


You may find as you experience Bread & Stone, that there is an underlying philosophy to these mailings and plates that emphasize beauty, simplicity, practicality and truth. And that is our mission, to offer ideas that spark more mindful thinking as social beings on a resource and spirit-based planet. We look forward to you benefiting from these Plates as much as us!


Your participation means the world... Thank you for joining us!


We donate earnings to artists, nature and preservation with the remainder going to our publication process at Paris Academic Press. Thank you! All of our work depends on passing on these subscriptions to our wonderful community.

“Another can never touch the freedom of my mind.” 


When you engage these "Idea Reminders" you create regularity in your thoughts about essential things.


About The Plates 

Mimicking the tactile quality and natural materials of hearth and home... Bread & Stone channels helpful ideas to our minds for the purpose of, not only making mornings thoughtful again, but also realigning ourselves to simple ideas that matter and inspire!

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